Questions and Answers

Question: Do I need a Google Analytics tracking ID?
Answer: Yes.
Please go here and obtain your Google Analytics tracking ID:  Google Analytics

Question: Do I have to register to use your service?
Answer: No.
Our service was made to be easy to use, and requires no time-consuming registration whatsoever.

Question: Does it cost money to use your service?
Answer: No, it’s free of charge!

Question: Why is your service free?
Answer:  We want to reach out to everyone, not just those with lots of money.
For a quality service, what price could possibly be better than absolutely nothing?

We’re considering to place ads in the future to support our service, but those ads wouldn’t interrupt your usage of our service itself.

Question: I placed the tracking tag but the tracking doesn’t seem to have taken place.  Why?
Answer:  It may take a while until it becomes effective.  Please be patient.

Question: My blog/website begins with https://.  Can I still use your service?
Answer: You can but you may receive a warning from your browser.
Please test the tracking tag by yourself first.

Question: Who is the admin?
Answer: bitkuma admin!

Question: Do you offer technical support?
Answer:  We don’t offer individual user support.
Instead, you may leave the technical issues you’ve encountered or feature requests for our service from here:


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